Ulrike Kappler Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Ulrike Kappler

I completed my undergraduate training and my PhD in Germany at the University of Bonn before coming to Australia as a postdoctoral researcher. Currently I am a senior lecturer in microbial physiology and biochemistry at the University of Queensland, and my research interests focus on understanding the role of sulfur compound transformations in environmental as well as pathogenic bacteria. In recognition of my work I was awarded an ARC Australian Research Fellowship in 2008, and I am also a Fellow of the Australian Society for Microbiology. Being a T&R academic I also have a strong interest in delivering high quality teaching, This interest was first fostered during a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education that I completed at the University of Queensland in 2006/2007. I am particularly interested in creating learning and lecture materials that allow students to engage better with the topic they are studying, and that enable them to make crucial connections between various basic principles taught as part of their science education. I have implemented a variety of changes in my teaching to promote active learning and engagement of the students with the course materials, including lectorials, online self-study materials and recently, an ALURE practical in the 3rd level Molecular Systems Biology course I coordinate.

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