Rhys T White Australian Society for Microbiology Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Rhys T White

I am from Wales (UK) and have a BSc. (hons) degree in Biology from Cardiff University. My research interests are in microbial genomics – specifically phylogenomics, evolution, & characterisation of mobile genetic elements of uropathogens using bioinformatics. I am a member of the Beatson Group & work with a number of sequencing datasets (including Illumina short-read & Oxford Nanopore long-read sequencing). My projects focus on phylogenomic analysis, & in-depth characterisation of antibiotic resistance & mobile genetic elements, of global pandemic multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli. I have developed a broad range of skills/knowledge in bioinformatics & a variety of fieldwork methods, offering great insight across the full spectrum of research design & implementation.

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